Industrial property donations can either be a generous exercise in philanthropy, the solution to your financial woes, or both. Donate an industrial property as it’ll help you get a number of tax benefits. Whether you are a structural, legal corporate entity or a private individual, you’ll stand to gain many tax benefits if you donate an industrial property.

If you have an industrial property that is unwanted and doesn’t get used or if your industrial property is draining you financially because of the circumstances, then donating that industrial property would be a smart choice.

The tax benefits, for the donor, will vary according to the status of their industrial property and according to the legal structure of their organization. You can donate your industrial property to a veteran’s charity and get in touch with your financial advisor or tax accountant and they’ll tell you how to make the most of the specifics of that situation.

Looking for a way to liquidate unwanted industrial properties? Donate it to us!

At Salute Veterans Inc.,, we’ll make it easy for you to donate your industrial property and raise money which will contribute towards improving the lives of US veterans.

Do you want to donate Industrial Property to a VERY worthy cause? YOU can get a tax deduction by donating a Industrial Property or other real estate and help deserving US Veterans. Industrial Property Donations and other Real Estate Donations provide us a significant charitable gift that helps support our Hire A Veteran Project and other worthy veteran causes. Rest assured, your Industrial Property Donation will help United States Veterans. Our primary focus is supporting veteran families via veteran employment.  Learn more about our projects and how to partner with us at It’s a WIN-WIN!