Farmland Donations

Looking for a meaningful, convenient way to protect your local farmland and keep those farms thriving? Donate a farmland to a veteran’s charity and let them use that farmland for something productive.

In many circumstances, selling is not ideal for farmland donations because of the cost involved as it outweighs the actual farmland worth. Because of that, most people hold on to that farmland and it ends up being neglected though it could have benefited someone who needed it. Rather than holding on to the farmland, why not donate it to a veteran’s charity and give them something that they can use and potentially give jobs to US Veterans.

Donate a farmland to a veteran’s charity and let them make use of something that normally, would have been unused had it been with you. would be a great option if you want to donate a farmland. We are always looking for farmland donations and as it’ll help provide potential jobs to veterans or it can also be sold to people looking for a farmland and the money raised can be used for veteran causes. Donating farmland will also provide you tax deduction that’ll help you balance your financial books. We’ll make it easy for you to donate your farmland that isn’t being used.

Donate Farmland and help support veterans! Do you want to donate farmland to a VERY worthy veteran cause? YOU can get a tax deduction by donating farmland or other real estate to help deserving US Veterans. Farm land Donations and other Real Estate Donations provide us a significant charitable gift. Farm land donations help support our Hire A Veteran Project and other worthy veteran causes. Rest assured, your Farm Donation will help United States Veterans. Our primary focus is supporting veteran families via veteran employment.  Learn more about our projects and how to partner with us at It’s a WIN-WIN!