Condominium Donations

Have you ever donated to a worthy cause? Did you know that you could get tax deductions by donating a condominium and help deserving US Veterans? Condominium donations among other forms of charity will help you provide a significant charitable gift that helps support the veterans’ charities.

One of the primary benefits of donating a condominium real estate to a veteran’s charity is that it’ll allow you to avoid capital gains taxes. To preserve that benefit, avoid donating the property to a charity after you have entered into a binding agreement to selling that property. This will sometimes happen when the property owner with philanthropic intentions get close to consummating a sale and then realize that tax results can be achieved by donating the property and then having that charity sell it to the buyer.

At, we provide you a great platform where you can make easy condominium donations and give something that benefits US Veterans. If you’re not using a condominium property or if it is bringing you more loss than profit, then why not donate it to someone like a veteran charity who can benefit from it? You can donate your condominium property and make your contribution towards helping us out in veteran causes.

Do you want to donate to a VERY worthy cause? YOU can get a tax deduction by donating a Condominium other real estate and help deserving US Veterans. Condominium Donations and other Real Estate Donations provide us a significant charitable gift that helps support our Hire A Veteran Project and other worthy veteran causes. Rest assured, your Condo Donation will help United States Veterans. Our primary focus is supporting veteran families via veteran employment.  Learn more about our projects and how to partner with us at It’s a WIN-WIN!