Donate a commercial property and give something back to the veteran community. Commercial property, whether it is held by a company, a business, or a commercial entity is an asset. However, sometimes it can become a liability and a financial drain. In that case, you can donate a commercial property and enjoy a number of financial benefits while also giving something back to the veteran community.

If you hold onto an under performing property, you’d probably know there are many ways that the property can hurt your financial bottom line. You might be thinking that as a commercial property owner if you could unload that property, you can get your business back in the green.

Fortunately, the recent changes to charitable donation laws have made it possible to donate commercial property while benefiting financially and also helping veterans’ charities.

Commercial property donations will qualify you for tax benefits based on the current fair market value of that property, not on the price of purchase of that property.

At Salute Veterans Inc., we’ll make it possible for you to donate a commercial property while also reaping the benefits of the tax situation. We’ll help you make a difference as we’ll raise funds from your donations and help veteran causes.

Commercial Property Donations provide us a significant charitable real estate gift that helps support our Hire A Veteran Project and other worthy veteran charities. Rest assured, your Commercial Property Donation will help United States Veterans. Our primary focus is supporting veteran families via veteran employment. Do you want to donate to a VERY worthy cause? YOU can get a tax deduction by donating Commercial Property or any other real estate and help deserving US Veterans. Learn more about our projects and how to partner with us at It’s a WIN-WIN!